11 Plus tuition with Satchel learning takes you from starting line to entrance exam success. Entrance exams can be a daunting experience for both children and their parents. For many children the 11 Plus is their first proper exam, and the papers themselves seem impossibly difficult at first. With Satchel, your expert 11 Plus tutor is with you every step of the way from your initial assessment, creating your own personalised programme of study, through to fine tuning your preparation for actual test. The Satchel 11 Plus tuition system has an enviable track record in helping children achieve their grammar school goal.


Most children start their 11 plus preparation at the beginning of year 5. However, as the exams become more competitive, many parents choose to start 11 Plus tuition earlier. We welcome younger children onto our 11 plus programme. Call 01422 374390 and contact us now to discuss how 11 Plus tutoring, with Satchel Learning, can benefit your child.


At Satchel we have an enviable record of success in the Calderdale, Heckmondwike and other entrance examinations. Call 01422 374390 and contact us now to discuss how 11 Plus tutoring, with Satchel Learning, can benefit your child.

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How satchel 11 Plus tuition helps

  • Book your free assessment for Satchel 11 Plus. We provide an honest appraisal of your child’s current position.

  • Personalised programme of 11 Plus maths, English and verbal reasoning using bespoke Satchel booklets.

  • Dedicated 11 Plus materials including over 30 practice comprehension papers based on the actual Calderdale test.

  • Small group sessions to cover 11 topics such as writing, comprehension and verbal reasoning.

  • Three mock examinations to simulate the test and help fine tune preparation at no extra charge.

  • Optional summer school sessions to focus on areas in need of improvement.

  • Regular feedback to children and their parents.

  • Proven track record of entrance exam success


How we tackle the Calderdale 11 plus exam

The maths paper consists of 40 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Children in Satchel begin by working on their mental maths and key operations, before moving onto fraction, decimal and percentage work. There are a number of topics included in the Calderdale maths test that they may not have seen at school before. These are covered in specially designed Satchel booklets, as well as the small group sessions. Children then start working on exam style questions, fine tuning their exam technique in the lead up to the exam.

The English paper consists of Reading (comprehension) and Writing. Each paper lasts for 30 minutes.

Children tend to find the Reading paper difficult as it asks them to read a lengthy, challenging passage and then answer questions on language and structure. In Satchel they normally start on easier comprehension booklets to build up understanding. They are also encouraged to borrow a wide range of 11 plus level books from the class library. In the small group sessions children are talked through practice 11 plus comprehension booklets and shown model answers. They are given techniques to help them answer the longer questions.

There are two options given in the writing, normally a narrative and a description. They are expected to produce a well structured piece of writing with good use of vocabulary and grammar. Children in Satchel write regularly during their 11 plus preparation. They begin on small pieces (Short Writes) and are shown how to improve their vocabulary and sentence structure. In the small group sessions they are shown how to plan longer pieces of writing using paragraphs, before they move onto writing 11 plus length answers.

The verbal reasoning paper consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Children in Satchel are shown the techniques to answer each style of question, as well as working on their knowledge of vocabulary. With sufficient practice, it is possible to obtain a high score in the verbal reasoning paper. This can compensate for the difficulty of the English and maths papers.

Example English and Maths papers for the Calderdale 11 plus can be found here - https://www.nhgs.co.uk/admissions/school-admissions/admissions-test

“I am convinced that my son would not have achieved a grammar school place without the support of Satchel.”

Mr Govan

“I would recommend Satchel as the best method for success in the 11 plus.”

Mr Ramanathan

“Satchel not only helped by daughter gain a place at a grammar school, but has also helped her to cope with the demands of her new school when she started.”

Mr Needham

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