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Huddersfield tutoring class

Richard Jones
01422 374390
The Salvation Army
New Hey Road

Directions: The Salvation Army Church Hall is on New Hey Road next to the Esso garage. The venue is close to Lindley and Marsh, and easily accessible from other parts of Huddersfield. There is good car parking, just below the hall.


Main class 4.15 to 6.15pm

Small group 11 session 6.15 to 7pm


At Satchel we believe that everyone can be good at maths. The Satchel maths programme is designed to produce confident, proficient mathematicians who can excel at school and in exams.

Call 01422 374390 to contact us now, to discuss how Huddersfield maths tutoring with Satchel can improve your child’s maths proficiency.

Satchel English is suitable for children of all ages and abilities. The Satchel English programme is designed to produce confident, fluent readers able to communicate accurately, appropriately and with flair.

Call 01422 374390 to contact us now. Let’s discuss how Huddersfield English tutoring with Satchel can benefit your child.

Entrance exams can be a daunting experience for both children and their parents. For many children the 11 Plus is their first proper exam, and the papers themselves seem impossibly difficult at first. At Satchel, our specialist 11 Plus tutor is with you every step of the way, from your initial assessment, to creating your own personalised programme of study, through to the fine tuning your preparation for the actual test. Our 11 Plus tutors have an enviable track record in helping children achieve their grammar school goal. Year 5 children normally work in the main class on their maths, English and Verbal Reasoning then join in the small group 11 plus session from 6.15 to 7pm.

Call 01422 374390 to contact us now. Find more about 11 Plus tuition in Huddersfield, for exam success.

Huddersfield Tutor - Richard Jones

I have worked as a maths, English and 11 plus tutor in the area for many years. One of the joys of my job is seeing children develop and achieve their potential. Whether that be moving up a table at school, passing the 11 plus exam or obtaining an A* in their GSCE. If you would like to discuss any aspect of Satchel or the Halifax class, please get in touch.

The class is suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Each child receives a specially designed programme of work to cover their strengths and weaknesses, balancing their weekly workload with family life.

Tuition pricing

Registration Fee £25

One Subject £60

Two Subjects £100 (discount of £20)

11 Plus £100

*subject fees are per calendar month

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