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We believe it is important to have a profitable partnership with our tutors. Therefore, without sacrificing the quality of our support network and quality of our materials, we keep our franchisees fees as low as possible. We change a management service charge of just 15% on turnover initially, reducing to 12% when you reach 200 subjects. Your other main cost will be the purchase of Satchel booklets which will form around 5% of your turnover. Our model is designed around the use of community hall for classes; these are typically available at a much lower cost than commercial premises.

Initial franchise fee

£7,000 plus VAT

The fee includes a comprehension training and ongoing support package, initial stock of Satchel booklets, marketing support, supplementary materials and an optimised page on the Satchel Learning website. You must also spend a minimum of £1000 on marketing in your first year.

Monthly figures

This table is designed to provide an indication of your potential earnings as a Satchel franchisee. Before you sign a franchise with us, you will be required to produce your own financial figures based on the conditions in your own territory.

SubjectsFees ReceivedManagement fee inc. VATBooklet Cost exc. VATMonthly profitCost % of revenue

Further details / assumptions

Fees received assumes 25% of children work on two subjects. Recommended fees of £60 one subject, £100 two subjects. The other costs to the business will be hall hire, staff wages, insurance, supplementary materials and home office.

Figures are given as subjects rather than children at a class as some children work on two subjects. The monthly tuition income assumes that approximately 25% of subjects are children working on a second subject, so a class with 30 subjects will have 22 children, 8 of whom will work on two subjects. £25 registration fees are not included in the monthly income figures.

The figures are based on our recommended fees of £60 one subject and £100 two subjects. We recommend
offering a discount for a child working on a second subject as it offers a significant point of advantage over our
major competitors.

Booklet cost is based on children using on average 5 booklets per week with 4.3 weeks in a month. The other costs to the business will be hall hire, staff wages, Copyright Licensing Agency fee, insurance, supplementary materials and home office. 1% of your turnover is also used to reinvest in marketing for each class.

Don’t be fooled by some of our competitors who change an extremely low initial franchise fee but then have high on going costs (around 40% of turnover).

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