Maths tuition with the Satchel maths programme produces confident, proficient mathematicians who can excel at school and in exams.


At Satchel, our maths tutors firmly believe that everyone can be good at maths. Whether you are top of the class or still struggling with your times tables, Satchel learning has the programme to help. Call 01422 374390 and contact us now to discuss how maths tutoring, with Satchel Learning, can benefit your child.


With Satchel maths tuition, children work on a mix of booklets from our Number, Reasoning, Shape and Measurement and Word Problem modules each week according to their individual needs. Your maths tutor is on hand to guide them through new topics in class, specially designed Satchel booklets consolidate this work at home. Call 01422 374390 and contact us now to discuss how maths tutoring, with Satchel Learning, can benefit your child.

Discover your child's maths potential


Many children struggle with maths because they’ve never mastered the basics. Excellent mental maths lie at the core of the Satchel maths programme, helping to develop children with calculation skills which are the envy of their classmates. Children learn to add and subtract without finger counting, know their times tables ‘off by heart’ and perform all the main operations confidently and accurately. 

Ever wondered why two negative signs make a positive or what the point of algebra is? Children who understand mathematical concepts have a better appreciation of the subject and are better able to solve word problems. Satchel maths is designed to show the reason behind the rules, rather than simply accepting them at face value.

Beginning with identifying simple shapes, Satchel takes children on a journey through angles and volume and towards advanced mathematics such as quadratic graphs and trigonometry. Along the way, it covers subjects such as time, money, data and units of measurement. Everything they need, in fact, to succeed at school and in exams.

Mathematicians are problem solvers. Satchel word problem booklets and supplementary question sheets develop children’s ability to answer school and examination word problems quickly, logically and accurately.

“Having struggled for years with maths, Satchel helped rebuild my daughter’s confidence and gave her to skills to pass her maths GCSE”

Mrs Iqbal

“My daughter has improved significantly after joining Satchel maths. She used to be scared of numbers but now maths is one of her favourite subjects. I am really impressed with the quality of the Satchel materials and the quality of the teaching.”

Mrs Panchal

“Satchel gave my daughter confidence with numbers, in particularly mental arithmetic, as she learnt her times tables quickly. Thanks to Satchel, she was always ahead of her school peers in subjects such as percentages and fractions.”

Mr Sebastian

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