In the middle of January 2021, the Calderdale schools quietly announced major changes to their 11 plus admissions test for September 2021. Instead of having two of the papers produced in-house, the three tests (maths, English and verbal reasoning) were moving to GL Assessment. The implications for children preparing for the test in 2021 are

North Halifax and Crossley Heath Grammar Schools have recently announced the admission test dates for children currently in year 5 who are looking for entry in September 2022. The exam this year will be on Saturday 25th September. The schools have yet to announce whether they will be hold open evenings this year. They are

We see a number of secondary school children at Satchel who are extremely able at maths and science subjects, but who seriously struggle (in terms of motivation and results) with English. Whilst they will almost certainly drop English as soon as they have finished their GCSE, it is vitally important that they achieve a minimum

Finger Counting

A number of primary school children come to Satchel because they are struggling with maths. At their free Starting Satchel meeting, it is clear that a high proportion of these children rely on their fingers to help with even simple calculations such as 4 + 3 or 8 – 5. Finger counting is encouraged in

How early is too early?

We have received a number of enquiries from parents with children in year 4 and earlier asking us about when they should start 11 plus preparation. Our general advice is that the sooner you start, the greater the chance you will have of success. We have had examples of very able children joining us just

Progress Cards

At Satchel we believe it is vital that we work in partnership with parents and their children. A key part of that is the regular feedback we provide. This can take the form of a quick chat at class, a text message or phonecall. We also hold Parent and Children meetings twice a year in

Young Learners

Many parents with young children ask us when is the best time to start in Satchel. The answer depends very much on the concentration levels of the children and the commitment of their parents. The First level in Satchel maths and English uses special comic-style booklets that are designed to be completed with an adult